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The Reputable Hardscape Contractor for Your Residential and Commercial Needs

Are you looking for a reputable and trusted landscaping contractor in Thief River Falls, MN? Whether you need professional assistance with fence or deck installation service or other landscaping-related work for your residential or commercial property, JC's Seasonal is readily available to provide smooth and efficient services and deliver impressive results!

The Services I Offer

Fence Installation

Fence Installation
By adding a fence to your property, you can ensure your privacy and security, making your property less vulnerable to potential intruders and criminals. My professional fence installation services can help you establish clear boundary lines, so no more guessing where your responsibility for upkeep ends.

Deck Installation & Extension Services

Deck Installation & Extension Services
A custom-designed and professionally installed deck can be a fantastic addition to any property, proving additional living space and boosting its aesthetic appearance. Whether you want to install a deck on your premises or extend an existing one, I’m ready to assist with your needs and help you reach the full potential of your project!

Riprap Shoreline Installation

Riprap Shoreline Installation
If you see your lakefront property shrinking, opting for my professional riprap shoreline installation services may be the ideal solution for you. As a specialist in the area, I can help you protect your property from water erosion and ice heaving. Keep your shoreline in pristine condition with my riprap installation services!


My first-class commercial and residential landscaping services can help you create a visually beautiful and attractive outdoor space with healthy, thriving plants and unique hardscape elements. Make your property stand out and look the best on your block by opting for my professional assistance right away!

Decorative Rock Design

Decorative Rock Design
By incorporating rock in your outdoor space, you can create stunningly beautiful focal points and boost the curb appeal of your property. As an experienced hardscape contractor, I possess the skills and knowledge to handle your project with great precision and accuracy. Rely on JC’s Seasonal for top-notch decorative rock design services!


Mulching plays an important role in controlling weeds, acting as a barrier, and effectively preventing weeds from breaking through the soil. By lowering the chances of weed growth, you reduce your plants’ competition for water and nutrients. If you want to have a healthy lavish green landscape, schedule my professional mulching services right away!

Grading Service

Grading Service
My excellent grading services can help make your landscape smooth, and even, making it more usable and functional. By having your landscape professionally graded, you can improve water drainage and prevent property damage from water pooling. If you want to get the advantages of land grading for your home or commercial property, contact me today!

Yard Releveling

Yard Releveling
A professional yard leveling service is a crucial component of having a healthy foundation for your landscape. An uneven lawn or concealed low spots pose significant tripping hazards and cause severe injuries. Call me today, and create a functional and safe outdoor space by leveling your yard!


The Benefits

Hiring an experienced landscaping professional is always the best course of action and comes with a long list of benefits. Experts in the industry possess the knowledge, skills, and training to successfully handle your service, demonstrating a high level of professionalism and great care. By entrusting your service requirements to an experienced specialist, you can receive peace of mind, knowing your service is in safe hands.

How I Do It

Being a professional landscaping contractor, I approach each service, utilizing only state-of-the-art equipment and following the latest practices in the industry. I aspire to meet my customers’ objectives and specific needs, achieving complete satisfaction.

Perhaps you want to opt for my affordable landscaping services, but you are unaware if I cover your area. I proudly offer my services in the following locations:

  • Smiley Township, MN
  • Rocksbury Township, MN
  • Plummer, MN
  • St. Hilaire, MN
  • Norden Township, MN

Conveniently located in Thief River Falls, MN, JC's Seasonal is here to assist with your needs and deliver exceptional customer care, so don’t hesitate to contact me today!

Client Testimonials

by Ronan Hebert on JC's Seasonal
Thank You!

This company has been great to work with! My outdoor space has never looked better. Polite, professional, and punctual, this landscaping contractor went above and beyond to meet my requirements. I highly recommend this reliable company if you are looking for an affordable landscaping service!

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